Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Challenge

Your host is Becky of Becky's Book Reviews.

Read books by authors and/or illustrators that have won a Hans Christian Andersen Award. See the list of winners below. Reviews will be submitted via Mr. Linky (see above).

How many books? 4-8 is what I'd recommend as a "challenge" goal. More is welcome. Always. But if you can only squeeze three in...well, I won't turn you away. If you think you might be pressed for time, you might have two authors and two illustrators as your goal. The illustrated books will almost by necessity be shorter--picture books for example--although that isn't always the case.

The time frame of the challenge: May 1, 2008 through May 1, 2009. A full year of reading.

Exception: If you've read a qualifying book after January 1, 2008. Then you may count it towards the challenge. (A meaning one or two at the very most.)

No list is necessary. But if you want to make one, I won't stop you. If you do make one, share the link (or the list) in the comments. Once you've made one--if you've made one--feel free to change it at any time.

No blog is necessary to participate.

Audio books are okay.

Overlaps with other challenges are fine.

To sign up leave a comment.


Sarah said...

This is a great challenge Becky--reading some of the best of the best. I will definitely participate and since I love lists, and challenges to me are all about the list, I will put one together later tonight! Thanks for being so creative with all your challenges. I also find some treasure when I visit your blog!

Kim said...

Well--it seems my daughter signed in on my computer earlier and when I posted my comment, it posted under her name-here is my real blog address:

Kim said...

My list is up!

Corinne said...

What a fun idea! I'm totally on board. I'm putting my list together and I'll post it when I've got it :)

Corinne said...

Okay, Here's my list

I'm excited - thanks for setting it up!

erin sheely said...

this is great! i am always up for anything that has to do with children's lit. here is my list:

this is great!

here is my list

Mandy said...

This sounds like an interesting one! I'm going to try it.

Intergalactic Bookworm said...

I loved Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales as a kid, but I didn't know that there was an award named in his honor. Judy

Grilsgood said...

I thought I was in this one, but dont' see my name, can I join now? I could still read 4.

Grilsgood said...

I red 5, but forgot the name of the Fifth.

1. The Little Match Girl
2. The Steadfast Tin Soldier
3, The Princess and the Pea
4. The Snow Queen